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Mediavine Publisher Network Review

Mediavine Publisher Review

Are you looking for an easy way to monetize your website? Consider an Ad network!

Placing Ads on your Website is an easy way to earn passive income. Ads on your site can give you a way to pay for your website’s basic expenses and more. If your website has 30,000 page views a month or more and you want to monetize your site, consider MediavinePN. We have worked with several ad networks here at Homemade Food Junkie. Mediavine Publisher Network is by far the best ad network out there, in our opinion.

Your choice of Ad network is very important to the overall quality of your site. Ads on a site can cause trouble for you. Your readers experience on your website will be poor and they will be frustrated  if  your ads are not properly done. Problems can include obnoxious, loud, poor quality ads that upset readers. Ads that direct readers away from your content to another site. Very slow loading ads deter readers from staying on your site, or even getting on your site. All this and often a low income level too. Unhappy readers, unhappy you!

As part of our blog helps series we wanted to share with you our Ad network of choice and tell you why we work with them. First off, what is passive income? It is income you don’t work (too much) for. Everything you do to improve your site seo and social networking improves your site traffic and automatically ups your ad income as your traffic improves. The trick is to find a good ad network that will help you by giving technical help, team support, and provide a good quality stable of ads on your site.

Mediavine Publisher Network has proven itself to us. Homemade Food Junkie started with them over a year ago. They are committed to minimizing the problems ads can cause on a site. This benefits your reader’s experience and publisher income! Let’s examine the ways they do it right!

Mediavine offers the best Customer Service we have experienced with any ad network.

They are very transparent and responsible. The mediavine team is motivated to keep us informed about what is happening behind the scenes, like future plans for Mediavine, it’s ad development ideas and publisher opportunities. They are quick to acknowledge and address problems on their end and help us with any needs or concerns we have.

Some other Mediavine Publisher Network Benefits we Enjoy:

  • Through their Mediavine FB page we communicate with other publishers and the Mediavine team, get support, and share ideas and concerns.
  • As a NON techy I LOVE that Mediavine has responsive, quick, tech support. As bloggers themselves, our Mediavine team is highly motivated and always working forward to keep our sites in line with google best practices and get our pages seen on the internet with good ranking.
  • Mediavine has produced several podcasts and blog posts that every blogger can gain help from. They are all available through the help tab on our Awesome Publisher Dashboards. When I have a question, concern, or want to do research on areas to help my blog, (example SEO) I can access useful, relevant and easy to understand info right there.
  • Mediavine has a publisher loyalty bonus program!  Love it!
  • The Mediavine team protects it publishers by trying out their innovative ad ideas on their own blogs before setting them up on ours. They make sure the ad setup is optimal for our blogs by being their own guinea pigs. I appreciate that.
  • Mediavine is all about FAST page loading. They have the coding figured out to maximize reader experience over ad loading time, which is important to us and our readers! Mediavine Publisher Network Logo

The Mediavine Publisher Network Dashboard is the best. As a publisher it’s important to me to have control over all aspects of ads on my site. The Mediavine Publisher dashboard gives me ability to:

  • Control the type of ads, their frequency and placement on both the desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Find out how each ad is performing monetarily for me
  • Monitor my ad income, viewability, cpm rate and more for any time period on every ad.
  • Discover at a glance my most popular posts for the last thirty days.
  • The Site Health Check tells me if my posts are optimized for ad revenue and provides a way to make the them better.

Our ad income has increased amazingly with Mediavine. The real dollars in our pocket are way up from the other Ad networks we have worked with in the past. Mediavine also provides very good quality ads to my site. Homemade Food Junkie is now self supporting!

I encourage you to explore Mediavine Publishing network if you wish to passively monetize your blog. Find their contact information right here. Mediavine does not pay for referrals or reviews.  We share our experience with this Network only because we honestly enjoy working with them. .

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Vikash Kushwaha

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Nice article , and very nice review

Scott McMillan

Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Im in the process of advertising for Mediavine. Im excited to see how I do. Thanks for the great info. Mediavine does a lot of things right. Im looking forward to more money coming in.


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Hi Scott, I'm glad you enjoyed our review. We are starting our third year with Mediavine ad network. They have helped us SO much to grow our income and traffic on our blog. Pretty sure You will love them!

Abbe@This is How I Cook

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Good post Diane! One of these days...


Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Hi Abbe, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Kayti and I were discussing just today how fortunate we are to be with this super ad network. All the best!