Properly feeding sourdough starter for baking bread is essential to the success of your bake Your starter also needs periodic feedings regardless of your baking schedule

You should feed your unfed starter with water and flour in a ratio of 1:1:1 This means equal measurements of flour, starter and water by weight, not volume

Always use a clean container that has a lid that will fit loosely over the top Using a food scale is always recommended Working with sourdough is best in measurements of grams

Place your clean, empty container onto the scale and set the tare to zero Make sure it is measuring in grams for weight

*these measurements are an example, you can choose your own following the 1:1:1 ratio*

Add 100 grams of your unfed starter to the clean container Then, add 100 grams of warm water (100-110 degrees F) Mix together until the liquid is smooth and milky in color

Add 100 grams good quality, high protein bread flour Stir everything together until a thick paste is achieved

Place the lid loosely over the container (you don't want it airtight) Set the container in a warm area of your kitchen for 8-12 hours, until the starter has doubled in volume You can place a rubber band around the container for reference if you wish

Feeding starter the night before you plan to bake is best if you know you will begin your recipe within 12 hours of feeding your starter