Freeze drying provides the opportunity for you to store simple foods, or create ready to go meals and sauces Fruits are the most popular foods to freeze dry, and they make wonderful on-the-go snacks

Sauces and soups can all be freeze dried for ready to go meals, or as a base ingredient to build meals Stews, chilis, and creamed soups are fantastic options for easy meals Salsas, pasta sauces, and bbq sauces can be freeze dried too

Vegetables are another popular option for freeze drying, and is used by home gardeners Veggies can be freeze dried cooked and seasoned, or raw after they have been washed and prepped for easy meals once re-hydrated

Casseroles and pre-made meals can be freeze dried These may require a more skilled hand when re-hydrating in order to achieve the proper consistency and bake

Yogurts, cheeses, milk, even ice cream can all be freeze dried as powders, shreds, or cubes

Raw meats can be freeze dried and re-hydrated very easily  You can also freeze dry cooked and prepped meats like pulled pork or taco meat

Herbs, spices, and fresh seasoning mixtures are fabulous for freeze drying They can be used for cooking, medicinal purposes, or even home cleaning