The purpose of freeze drying is to remove moisture from foods, pharmaceuticals, and other materials while preserving their quality and extending their shelf life The complete freeze drying process consists of three main stages: freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying

Once you place the food in the freeze-drying machine, it is frozen to a very low temperature, which solidifies the water content within it

Once frozen, the food dryer will create a vacuum  Under reduced pressure and controlled temperature, the ice within the product sublimates, transforming directly from a solid to a vapor  This phase removes the majority of the moisture

After primary drying, the food is further dried at slightly higher temperatures to remove any remaining moisture  This step prevents moisture from reabsorbing during storage

Freeze dried food is stored on the shelf at room temperature in a lightweight dry form in mylar bags, or sealed mason jars

What can be freeze dried? -Fruits and Vegetables -Soups and Stews in powdered form -Dairy products in powdered or shredded form -Meats and Seafood -Herbs and Spices