Place the roasted bones you will be using in your Instant Pot Add seasonings, herbs, veggies and apple cider vinegar if you desire. These will help infuse flavor for a scrumptious, well rounded broth

Once the leftover bones are in the Instant Pot, fill with water to the fill line of the pot Be careful not to overfill or the Instant Pot may not get to pressure

Set the Instant Pot -Manual -High pressure -Cook time 240 minutes (4 hours) for heavy bones or 120 minutes (2 hours) for poultry bones Allow the Instant Pot to fully naturally release The bones should be cooked to the 'fragile state' as shown above

Strain the bones, herbs, and veggies out of the broth Allow the broth to cool overnight in the fridge until a thick fat layer has formed at the top, and the broth has gelatinized

To use your broth Remove the fat layer and transfer the gelatinized broth into containers to store, or use immediately The broth will liquify once it is warmed again giving you a nutritious, drinkable broth It can be used as a soup base, to be added to other recipes, or drank warmed

Enjoy your nutritious bone broth!