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2015 Garden and Greenhouse Harvest

Garden Produce For JuicingThis is a peek at our 2015 Garden and Greenhouse harvest. It’s mid July now and our harvest is really getting into full swing. I’ll continue to add more gallery pictures for you throughout the summer.

2015 Garden and Greenhouse Harvest:

Every year the garden is different. That’s the nature of the garden hobby and lifestyle. The climate changes, the garden, pests, fungi and plants themselves are all affected by the rainfall, temperature, soil conditions and sunlight available. This year is STELLAR gardening conditions here. We are reaping the benefits of a gorgeous summer. It’s very dry for here, but nonetheless, our garden and greenhouse plants couldn’t be happier. Of course Dave babies them 🙂

This year he has installed the Aqua Tech automatic watering system. Just in time, as it turns out in this very dry year. Our well is going dry 🙁 So every drop of water saved is a blessing. Sprinklers waste tons of water. Soaker hoses are better; but an automatic watering system is so easy. Just turn on the spigot and the water drips to each plant perfectly. The plants benefit too. They love getting a drink straight to the roots!

Baby Tomato Start

Grown from seed, our 2015 greenhouse tomatoes really benefitted from our new Aqua Tech watering system!

Our outdoor garden is producing kale, broccoli, radishes, bush beans and carrots right now. Many other crops are getting ready.

Garden Produce For Juicing

Our tomatoes are amazing again this year. We still have the wilt on most of them but the fruit is beautiful. Our automatic watering system has been such a time saver for Dave. The leaves of the tomatoes stay dry and the roots get wet. Win Win!

Tomato Harvet 2015

Our lovely, greenhouse tomatoes July 2015

I grew a lemon Thyme plant in the greenhouse. It’s thriving and adding it’s extraordinary flavor into many recipes this summer!

Lemon Thyme 2015

Greenhouse grown Lemon Thyme

Rosemary 2015

Our greenhouse grown rosemary. It won’t grow here year round outside. In the greenhouse, it thrives!

Our cherry tomatoes. We love the sweet little pops of flavor!

Sun Peach Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet, pretty and a flavorful bite of summer

Our blueberry bushes are finally getting big enough to produce a few berries once in awhile. We love them! Dave keeps adding baby bushes to our property. Eventually we will have enough to use fresh in the summer and freeze for the winter. Not yet, but soon!

Blueberries 2015 Harvest

Our bushes are getting big enough to get several handfuls of ripe berries at a time this year!

Homegrown Strawberries And Blueberries 2015

Fresh, juicy and delicious. We love picking these berries for an after dinner treat. Dave has strawberries all over the place in raised beds and containers. Juicy, luscious and so good for you! Strawberries love our typical rainy springs. A dry spring like this one; produces small berries. They are a bit seedy, but still sweet and delicious!

Garden Peppers By

This harvest  is one trip out to the garden. Dave brought in this enormous basket of gorgeous peppers! Carmen peppers, (the red ones) and Tiburons(the green). These are roasting peppers.

Dave's Peppers Roasted

Roasting these peppers brings out their flavor. But they are also excellent raw!

Corn On The Cob-2015 Garden And Greenhouse Harvest

2015 garden and greenhouse Harvest-corn on the cob

2015 Garden And Greenhouse Harvest Time

2015 garden and greenhouse Harvest time

I never did get pictures of all the leafy greens, kohlrabi, broccoli, green beans. But this picture gives you a pretty good idea of our 2015 garden. The enormous bounty we reaped from our hard work this year.

Gardening is like wood chopping. The old adage for wood chopping is it warms you twice. Once when you cut and stack it, and again when you burn it.

Gardening feed us on so many levels. Our creative mind to design and plan the garden, our physical fitness as we work the garden, and finally, again as we harvest and preserve the garden. Gardening endlessly feeds us. Mind, body and soul, all year long.

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