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A lot of what we cook comes straight out of our organic garden and greenhouse. Cooking fresh organic produce, or eating it raw in salads and green juice is very healthy. We enjoy our garden projects and time together keeping our crops healthy.

Homegrown Food:

Gardening, like all parts of homemade food is a creative, project based family affair. Kids learn amazing things in the garden. We taught our kids how to work; nature science, delayed satisfaction and the value of eating healthy, properly prepared high quality meals. Meanwhile, we all sweated together, weeding and growing our seasons fresh food out in our garden.

Dave Built us a totally awesome greenhouse to replace his ever ripping, tattered, thrown together old tomato house. Our greenhouse is a vital producer of our tomatoes and peppers.  We start Fresh tomatoes and peppers in early spring and grow them clear through to late fall. Our growing season for all vegetables has lengthened since we start all our seeds months earlier in the greenhouse!