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Our Instant Pot Recipes and Helps section offers delicious easy to make, tested recipes designed for the instant Pot (Or other comparable Pressure cookers). We answer your questions about this cooking method in posts (Just ask them in the comment section of the post you are interested in or email us at

Instant Pot 6 quart DUO model

Instant Pot 6 quart DUO model (Pictured above) makes a HUGE variety of instant pot recipes. I love this kitchen tool. It’s so useful!

Are you new to the Instant Pot and pressure cooking? I had no idea what I was doing when I bought mine in December 2016. Our instant Pot recipes are easy to follow.

Pressure cooking with an instant Pot is very different from stove and oven.

Cook up unsoaked dried pinto beans in about 30 minutes. Make your own yogurt. Instant pot is a fantastic way to cook rice AND you can do Pot in Pot cooking which allows you to cook two separate dishes at once in your instant pot. Cheesecake is FANTASTIC in the Instant pot. You must try it.

Cooking in your Instant Pot is a healthy way to cook.

This article by wellness mama will give you a better understanding of how the Instant Pot cooks and why it’s a wonderful way to cook healthy food in your kitchen.

It’s also very easy to convert your slow cooker recipes to an instant pot. Several of our crock pot recipes now also have Instant Pot recipes instructions for you.