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9 Tips For Gardening Success

Are you a beginner gardener? Have you gardened and found it overwhelming, disappointing or frustrating? 

These 9 tips for Gardening Success are VITAL to attain your best gardening experience. Follow the links in this article to proven gardening methods and helpful gardening websites.

Gardening is a WONDERFUL hobby for the whole family IF you can keep it working properly for you.

It’s extremely easy to let the vision of a beautiful garden turn into a depressing, weedy overwhelming disaster in a single growing season. That was our OLD garden story pretty much every year.

9 Tips For Gardening Success

By season’s end we were discouraged, tired and could hardly find the veggies for the weeds. Our kids considered gardening pure torture because…yeah.

The unending weeding and work in the garden. Not their thing. Actually I found out it was not MY thing either. We quit the garden entirely for a LOOONG time.

Dave decided to revive our old garden plot about 5 years ago. Over those years we researched and installed MANY creative innovations that have benefited our garden enormously.

9 Tips For Gardening Success. Harvested Zucchini, Rainbow Carrots, Purple And Green Beans, Red Potatoes, Onion And Garlic.
Harvested zucchini, rainbow carrots, purple and green beans, red potatoes, onion and garlic. We enjoy heading out to the garden and bringing in this N that for dinner during harvest season. Stir fries and yummy soups, zucchini bread…lots of excellent meals start here!

Dave has spent the last five years installing several important and amazingly helpful changes to our garden structure and garden methods too. Boy Howdy! It’s been a huge Positive turning point in our gardening experience.  These 9 tips for Gardening Success grew out of his restructuring our own garden.

Every new growing season offers a refresh point. Start  a new garden plot OR an established garden area correctly and you will reap the benefits in your life for years to come!

9 Tips For Gardening Success. Butternut Squash In A Wheel Barrow
Butternut squash from our garden. A bumper crop of butternut squash in 2017.

9 Tips For gardening success and links you need:

Gardening is a process :

Your garden will improve and change over time with proper care and maintenance. Each year choose something to do that will make your garden better for the plants and you too. Y

our plants will prosper and deliver higher quality harvests to you once the garden is well established.

Correct Garden location:

Full sun is preferred for best growth of most veggies. Pest and disease resistance of your flowers and veggies also improve with adequate sunlight.

Read our article on how to pick the best garden location. It will help you decide where to locate your garden for best results.

Maybe you can’t move your garden but can take down a tree. That’s what we did. What a difference in our crops.

9 Tips For Gardening Success. Harvesting Purple Potatoes From Our Blue Potato Barrels With Kids
Our Grandkids harvesting Purple potatoes with Dave. They were fascinated.

Use Good soil:

Your soil needs to hold some moisture and also drain well (called soil structure). Amend your soil annually with compost to keep it in tip top shape. Your garden plants will greatly benefit.

  1. Learn about Soil Amending-Your local Cooperative Extension Service will do either free or low cost soil tests (and help gardeners in many other ways too. Many have Master gardeners programs that can help you with information too.)
  2. Learn about Compost. You can buy it or make it but your garden soil  and plants will greatly benefit from both compost and mulching.

Create a garden plan

Think about your garden’s purpose. Kitchen garden or canning garden? (We suggest you start small. Gardens can easily get out of control and overwhelming).  Grow what you love to eat, juice, and put by for winter. Choose varieties well known in your area to be reliable producers with great flavor and resistance to your local pests.

 9 Tips For Gardening Success. Tomato And Peppers From Our 2017 Garden
tomatoes and peppers from our 2017 garden. One days picking. Dave is harvesting this amount every day from the TWO garden tomato bushes next to our borage plants! One cherry tomato (Sun Peach) and the other an Arbason tomato. We used to have to shake the tomatoes or use a set on spray to get a good crop. Planting Borage saved us a bunch of work and money. Bees do all the work and get the nectar.

Companion plant:

Last year we planted Borage in with the tomatoes and WOW! bees and pollinated tomatoes galore.

Pollinators also love nasturtiums, marigolds and other beneficial flowers. Flowers look great in a garden too. Just watch out for invasive varieties of herbs.

We had a little trouble with lemon balm…and trailing Nasturtiums can really cover a lot of ground…

9 Tips For Gardening Success. Bee In Borage
Bee in Dave’s Garden Borage. The borage is a large herb and attracted bees by the hundreds right into the tomatoes too.

Know your garden zone.  This will help you determine what will grow well in your area. 

It is easy to buy the wrong seed from seed and plants from catalogs for your local climate and conditions. Some of the seeds Dave has purchased from seed catalogs did not taste as good as our local varieties or grow as well either.

Not the catalogs fault. They just have better success with certain varieties of seeds in other areas of the country.

Same for bare root crops and other perennial plants, trees and bushes. Will they survive your climate? Will they thrive?

Learn your local frost dates and find planting calendars  from the Farmers Almanac site.

Just input your zip code and they will help you learn what to plant in your area and when to put it in the ground.

For small space gardening

Try patio gardening in containers, vertical trellising or just plant only the crops you really love to eat in the area you have.

Find veggies that will do well in your area and cost a lot in the store.  For us that is tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Corn is pretty cheap here but you just can’t beat garden corn for flavor so Dave always grows his own. He loves growing potatoes too. Our garden fresh Produce section  also has tips and methods for some of our favorite crops.

  1. leeks in your garden
  2. kale in Your Garden
  3. Easy Potato towers
  4. 5 Tips for Growing Perfect Peppers
  5. Growing Rhubarb in your Garden
9 Tips For Gardening Success. A Garden Using The Lasagna Method Of Layered Mulching.
The Lasagna Style of gardening keeps the weeds down, provides mulch to the plants, and helps you see the garden plan easily.

Work on Improvements to make your garden EASY to work in and maintain every year.

We have found many real time back savers and garden methods that stretch a dollar over the years.

We are FINALLY getting ahead of the enormously successful weed population here.

These posts will help you get efficient in your garden. It’s much easier to love gardening when it’s organized and well maintained with little work. It’s a process. Give it time.

  1. Build raised beds (The best garden investment ever)
  2. Spring Gardening Projects (Lot of ideas for garden helps)
  3. Winter hoop gardening( hoops are useful all year long)
  4. lasagna gardening(This method of mulch gardening is a game changer)
  5. Weed War (It never ends but it’s getting better every year)

These 9 tips for Gardening Success will help you get a handle on your personal gardening goals.

Follow the links in this article to proven gardening methods and helpful gardening websites.

Below you will find our blog hop. LOTS of great gardening experience in those blogs as well with even MORE tips for gardening success.

9 Tips For Gardening Success. A Garden With Raised Beds And Gravel Walks.
Our Best Tips And Tricks For A Successful Garden-Pin Image
These 9 tips for Gardening Success are VITAL to attain your best gardening experience. Follow the links in this article to proven gardening methods and helpful gardening websites.

Please Click each of these links. You will find other experienced gardeners with great ideas, projects and advice for you!

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An Oregon Cottage

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Angie’s Freckled Rose

The Best Tips For A Successful Garden-Pin Image
Are you a beginner gardener? Have you gardened and found it overwhelming, disappointing or frustrating? These 9 tips for Gardening Success are VITAL to attain your best gardening experience.

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Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Really useful tips as usual, Diane! I really want to add more flowers to my veggie garden in the new place. That photo of the bee in the borage is AMAZING. :)


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Hi Jami, I am so curious about where you live now and how your garden will turn out. I have read some of your posts on the planning and it looks so great!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

I've struggled in the past with more weeds than plants too. I agree having a plan and having the right place to garden makes a big difference. We also love our raised beds our soil is so bad, but having a raised bed with good soil has made all the difference. Thanks for sharing your great tips!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

It's awful to grow a garden, put in the work and watch it all go to weeds. I'm glad we discovered these great methods for getting our garden efficient, organized and the weeds controlled! Thanks Shell.

Michelle Marine

Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Such great tips. I always enjoy your garden haul pictures, Diane. Good luck this year! Can't wait to see what you grow. :-)


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Thanks Michelle. We are always curious about your garden adventures too. Can't wait to hear about your bees!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

These are great tips Diane! Even though I've been gardening for a long time you have given be a few good reminders. One is to plant flowers with edibles. Since I mainly plant only flowers I keep thinking about planing some edibles, besides herbs, in with my flowers, and trying more veggies in containers.


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Thanks Patti, I love the color and fun edibles flowers and herbs can bring into a garden. Just have to be careful they don't go overboard!