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Organic Garden Fresh Produce is the focus of this section of Homemade Food Junkie. We share recipes and methods of preserving the harvest in various ways here. We share the food value of featured crops and our experience and gardening tips.

Why do we grow homegrown vegetables and fruits?

This section answers that question. Each post offers information on the food value of the crop. In depth articles are linked when necessary to help you understand that crop. Our garden is important to us. Let us inspire you to grow your own homegrown vegetables and fruits. Maybe we have grown crops you are curious about.

Many crops are easy to grow and SO worth the time and trouble. We discuss how our climate and soil challenges us and what we do to adjust our growing methods for various crops. We hope you find our gardening tips useful and inspiring. Come garden with us. Join the discussion. What are your favorite crops? What can we learn from you?