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Limoncello Prosecco Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Our Delightful lemony limoncello prosecco drink is beautiful at any gathering. Serve this mixed drink for a bridal shower, For a champagne cocktail toast, summer dinner party refreshment or wedding drink.

Limoncello Prosecco

Delightful and light lemony limoncello prosecco. Perfect for entertaining. Pictured here in a stemless wine glass.

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Watch me make THREE lovely limoncello Cocktail Recipes. They are all great summer cocktails. Light, tasty and pretty. Your guest will love them all.

 Limoncello is a liqueur made from fresh lemons. Holy yumminess! It is absolutely bursting with fresh lemon flavor.

Add the sparkling prosecco wine and your cocktail shimmers and shines with a light lemon tingle for your taste buds. 

I made two of the Lemonchello drinks in this video in champagne flutes. This prosecco cocktail for summer and a Limoncello Fellini with fresh mandarins.

These would both look stunning at a dinner party or special event. Both can also be made less formal but still beautiful in a stemless wine glass.

The Pink Lemonade Cocktail is rather fun, especially tasty and very pretty. Watch the video for instructions to make these easy cocktails.


Limoncello Prosecco In A Champagne Flute Garnished With Raspberries.

Limoncello Prosecco in a champagne flute.

Prosecco Limoncello recipes make gorgeous sparkling drinks. This light and bubbly mixed drink with fresh lemon flavor is an  excellent summer cocktail.

It brings to mind watching an Italian sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Fresh, vibrant and relaxing all at once.

If you ever get there tell me if I’m right about that. Send pictures. 🙂

This Limoncello drink recipe with prosseco kind of tastes like a sparkling lemon drop candy with fresh bursts of raspberry. Divine!

Limoncello Prosecco With Fresh Raspberries Http://

Delightful lemony limoncello prosecco drink that is beautiful and perfect for any gathering. This drink is the perfect addition to a bridal shower or wedding event.

I really like how fast this drink comes together. You can make it for a light drink after dinner recipe. Complete this champagne cocktail in about three minutes tops. It’s only two mixed ingredients.

I will warn you. This recipe for limoncello drink with prosecco will make you a little toasty. Limoncello has about 30 percent alcohol. Prosecco is like most wines about 12 percent. 

Mixed together in this limoncello.recipe they add up to plenty of booze to get a lightweight like me tipsy.

I was feeling just one glass of this luscious lemon drink. Moral is you only need one. 🙂

Limoncello Prosecco Garnished Next To A White Flower In Front Of A Window.

Set this cocktail out for your special event. It is so easy to make and beautiful. The raspberries are a great garnish. Look how they capture the bubbles. and raspberries hold up well in the drink for quite awhile.

Looking for more easy and delicious summer cocktails? 

 Sex on the Beach, Malibu Sunset and Tequila Sunrise Margarita and Watermelon Peach cocktail are beautiful summer drinks.

Check out our cocktail section for our complete cocktail listings. 

Is Prosecco a Champagne?

No. A true champagne comes from Champagne France. Prosecco is made in the Prosecco DOC region of Italy and it uses a different method of making it sparkle

So why use Prosecco for this Champagne style cocktail? Well it’s delicious and inexpensive for two good reasons. Another reason to put prosecco on your shopping list is it’s very easy to find in stores. And prosecco sparkling wine makes a fantastic cocktail. 

Which Prosecco?

I chose Cupcake Prosecco for a good mate to limoncello in this drink recipe. And it was very delicious. 

Cupcake prosecco is described by Cupcake Vineyards this way

“Our Prosecco is light and refreshing with a nose that shows hints of white peach, grapefruit and honey-dew melon. The fine effervescence gives way to creamy flavors of ripe lemons and refined citrus notes with a toasted brioche finish. Medium froth, our Prosecco is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie.”

You can substitute a  comparable Champagne or other sparkling wines for the cupcake prosecco if you prefer. Be sure you enjoy the flavor blend if you plan to switch the sparkler. Limoncello Prosecco In A Champagne Flute Garnished With Raspberries.

Limoncello Prosecco Drink Recipe:

We chose the Caravella brand Limoncello. Pallini limoncello is also a good choice. Limoncello cocktails have a gorgeous lemon flavor with either of these brands.

The Printable recipe is for an individual serving. It uses the 750 ml Caravella Limoncello  and 750 ml Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco. (these are not affiliate links). Follow the directions in the printable for each single serving.


As you can see pictured in this post:

  • The glasses you use will make a difference in the presentation of this cocktail. limoncello can be dressed up or down. The stemless wine glass offers a less formal look but just as beautiful with more options for garnishing.
  • The champagne flutes are so elegant not much else is needed to show off the beautiful bubbles and light lemon color. Garnish Lightly.


  1. I topped this prosecco cocktail with frozen raspberries. The frozen berries make this drink especially beautiful and yummy.
  2. Garnish this drink with other fresh fruits, a lemon wheel, or mint leaves.
  3. Whatever the color scheme of your event is I’m sure you can make this l imoncello cocktails recipe fit right in.


  1. This cocktail can be served at room temperature. However if you wish to serve it cooler here are some tips.
  2. Frozen raspberries will replace ice cubes. Your drink will stay cooler for a while and not dilute. 
  3. Garnish with frozen raspberries immediately before serving to cool the drinks.
  4. You can also chill any other fruits, fruit wheels or wedges you choose for garnish.
  5. Chill the limoncello and prosecco ahead of serving.
  6. Chill the glasses if desired.

FOR small group-6 servings:

  • Use 1/3 bottle of limoncello to 1 bottle of prosecco. This will yield approximately 6- 5 oz.servings.

    Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail With Lemons And A Bottle Of Caravella Limoncello

    Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail


We have had requests for the amounts of limoncello and prosecco for a large group. Here is what we came up with. Remember is you make this recipe too far ahead the wine will lose its sparkle. 

  1. For every 20 servings- use ONE 750 ml bottle of Limoncello to THREE 750 ml bottles of sweet Prosecco.
  2. This will yield about 20-5 oz.servings (Champagne Flute). You will need 20 lemon slices and several frozen raspberries per glass as well.
  3. NOTE: You can make this limoncello prosecco punch bowl for a large group. HOWEVER, prosecco wine is sparkling. It will go flat if not consumed fairly quickly.


      1. Make the punch bowl up close to serving time for the best results.
      2. Or chill the pitcher with the limoncello ahead and add the wine and garnish when you intend to serve.

Enjoy your event!

Your Printable Recipe Card:

Limoncello Prosecco
Yield: 1 -6 oz. cocktail

Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Our Delightful lemony limoncello prosecco drink is beautiful for any gathering. The perfect addition to a bridal shower, birthday party or wedding event!


  • 5 oz.prosecco wine
  • 1 oz. limoncello
  • 6 raspberries (frozen)
  • 1 lemon slice to garnish


  1. Freeze your fresh raspberries ahead if you want them to cool your drink.
  2. Add in 1 oz. of limoncello to the glass. If you are making a large glass I would add another 1/2 oz.
  3. Fill the champagne flute or wine glass with 5 oz. prosecco.
  4. I put 4 frozen raspberries into the drink to finish it off.
  5. Drink responsibly and Enjoy!


This cocktail is SO easy to make with only two mixed ingredients. Feel free to play with the proportions a bit to suit the glasses you choose or the look you wish to attain.

Be mind full of the flavor blend. You want to keep the bubbly in line with the lemon flavor.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size

6 oz.

Amount Per Serving Calories 211Total Fat 0gSaturated Fat 0gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 0gCholesterol 0mgSodium 1mgCarbohydrates 31gFiber 1gSugar 14gProtein 1g

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Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail-Pin Image

The Limoncello Prosecco cocktail is a sweet bubbly drink that is refreshing and light. Serve this for new years, birthday parties or any summer time party. #limoncello #prosecco #cocktail #easy #recipe #drinks

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Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail-Pin Image

The Limoncello Prosecco Champagne Cocktail-Pin Image

Our Delightful lemony limoncello prosecco drink is beautiful at any gathering. Serve this mixed drink for a bridal shower, For a champagne cocktail toast, summer dinner party refreshment or wedding drink.

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April J Harris

Saturday 4th of June 2016

Pinned and tweeted, Diane! What a beautiful way to use limoncello, one of my favourite treats!


Saturday 4th of June 2016

Thank you so much for sharing April! Tis the season for sweet summertime lemony drinks :) These are so much fun with the frozen raspberries


Friday 3rd of June 2016

want to try the limoncello prosecco in large batch for a wedding. I was a little unsure of the proportions. It said 1/3 limoncello to 1 bottle of prosecco, but what is the 1/ it 1/3 bottle, 1/3 cup? Don't want to mess it up! Thanks in advance!


Friday 3rd of June 2016

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your question. We wish you all the best with your wedding! Here is the proper conversion of the recipe for you for large batching this recipe. I copied this into the post for future reference. My Printable recipe that I am posting is for an individual drink. I am using the 750 ml Caravella Limoncello bottle and 750 ml Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco bottle. (these are not affiliate links)

FOR six servings(dinner party-small group):

Use 1/3 (750 ml) bottle of limoncello to 1 (750 ml) bottle of prosecco. This will deliver approximately 6- 5 oz.servings.

FOR A LARGE GROUP EVENT: (like a wedding);

For every 20 servings-Large group use ONE 750 ml bottle of Limoncello to THREE 750 ml bottles of VERY sweet Prosecco. This will yield about 20-5 oz.servings (Champagne Flute) if you follow the directions in the printed recipe. This should also work in a punch bowl. Be careful though not to make it too far ahead in a punch bowl; or the sparkling wine will go flat. You will need to of course increase the raspberries in proportion to your needs as well. All the best. Congratulations!

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