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Cupcake corner is a fun place to visit. Enjoy the creative pleasure of baking from scratch.

Learn how to decorate these adorable confections. Your family will love you for it!

Baking from scratch allows you to treat your family to the occasional indulgence without all the added chemicals the bakeries and boxed mixes employ.

The flavor and texture of homemade cupcakes are incredibly better than store bought!

Making Cupcakes From Scratch:

Cupcake Corner is Kaytis private domain on Homemade Food Junkie. Diane stays mostly out of this part of the blog with a few exceptions.

Cooking cupcakes from scratch produces a wonderful eating experience the whole family will enjoy. Our family can attest to that.

We look forward to Kaytis occasional splurges into this creative world of fun, tasty homemade treats. She even learned how to decorate them!

Kayti describes how to make the cupcakes she creates and with the tips and methods she uses to decorate these cuties. Enjoy!